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Golden Girls: Sophia Rocks

More like cool middle-aged women for Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose, but Sophia played the trope very straight; despite being in her eighties, she kept up with pop culture, even owning a Game Boy in one episode. Adam and Charlie, Jr. There are monsters hiding under all of your beds! Like staying out all night, carousing around, dating every other man you meet Blanche at the end of "An Illegitimate Concern," as she looks at a picture of her late husband, George, who fathered a child with a mistress. She married Salvadore "Sal" Petrillo, with whom she had three children: Getty came to Weiner's mind soon after when it became time to begin casting of The Golden Girls. Gould also guest-starred once in the first season as Arnie Peterson, Rose's first serious boyfriend after her husband Charlie's death. He had a big floppy pancreas, Rose. Considering how smart she and other St. After the pilot, the character of Coco was eliminated from the series. In the first two seasons, she said that her only living relative was her sister Angela, who disappeared after two appearances. Sophia says she thought he was calling from Sports Illustrated about her walkathon performance. Both eventually drop out, Rose because "Norwegians are notoriously bad at Spanish" and Blanche because there was only one man in the whole class who caught her fancy, who was apparently gay because he "kept doodling the name 'Kenny' over and over in his notebook. Rose tracks down it down with the hope of finding out Blanche's true age, and Dorothy and Sophia excitedly gather around as she prepares to read it

Sophia petrillo golden girls

Once, when Dorothy and Blanche try to use lame excuses to duck out on one, she threatens to follow them to their room and act out the story with sock puppets. When Rose chases after him saying that was just an expression, Blanche turns and says to Dorothy, "I never thought I'd say this, but I think Rose got the brains in that family. Calling Your Bathroom Breaks: Olaf, Rose's hometown, making Rose the resident Cloudcuckoolander. Until April , Lifetime played the series as a virtual season eight, airing the series in between the conclusion of the final season and the syndicated roll-over to season one. This was an Informed Attribute , however, as Phil himself was never once seen on the show - not even at his funeral, where he was apparently buried wearing women's lingerie. Many episodes were edited to allow more commercials and for content. Main[ edit ] Main characters in the final scene from the season two episode "Big Daddy's Little Lady" from left: Why do you ask? In the series' final episode, Dorothy marries Blanche's uncle, Lucas Hollingsworth, and relocates to Atlanta. Rose appears to be one of the smartest people to come out of that town most of the time she's merely The Ditz ; her interactions with other St. Dorothy in general isn't a woman to be screwed with due to her complete willingness to resort to her wit to put someone in their place, Blanche punches out an aggressive fisherman when he lays his hands on Rose during a protest, Rose is great under pressure, and Sophia has implied current ties to the mafia. In the show itself, how another man she was dating also died! In one episode, depressed Blanche puts a normal serving of lasagna on a plate, then leaves the plate on the counter and begins eating the rest from the casserole dish. In one episode, Dorothy and Rose try to install a new toilet themselves after dealing with a sexist plumber. He also appears as Don the Fool, a waiter at a medieval restaurant in season six. Story Of A Woman. He fought his way through that crowd, clawed his way to the top of that pile, grabbed that lit torch, and turned to that crowd and said, "What are you people doin'? Cannot Keep a Secret: Possibly the most prominent was Dorothy's son Michael and daughter Kate. And Sophia once makes Dorothy talk about her gambling addiction relapse with her on the threat that, if they don't right away, they'll talk in her bedroom after Sophia eats a bowl of chili. Blanche, being Blanche, even takes it on as a new way to meet men, and gets Dorothy to play along. The Butler Did It: There are moments when Rose ends up having a deep level of insight on situations that nobody else can solve. While we're at it, Dorothy's smoking could qualify as this, too.

Sophia petrillo golden girls

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  1. Despite being unlikely pairs, she still manages to get along with No, Dorothy, I just finished milking the cow I keep in my closet.

  2. None of the kids do it, and Rose resorts to insulting the children and threatening them with bad dreams as Dorothy and Blanche drag her off. Rose is overbearing and smothering toward her mother out of fear of losing her, and Alma chafes at Rose's overprotective behaviors.

  3. He says that when he phoned to explain, whoever answered the phone had muttered something about a sports award and hung up on him.

  4. Some episodes featured flashbacks to previous episodes, flashbacks to events not shown in previous episodes, or to events that occurred before the series began.

  5. Olaf, Rose's hometown, making Rose the resident Cloudcuckoolander. The finale confirms this:

  6. There were even several episodes about the two considering getting back together, although they never did. Deliberately invoked by the show's crew during a Christmas episode.

  7. Dorothy is one of these - she's quite well-liked by her students, as seen in multiple episodes.

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