Short phrases about life for tattoos

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16 Latin Tattoo Ideas

S rather be betrayed by others; than to betray them what has past has already gone; what is to come can still be chased S Those who sow the seeds of blessings shall harvest plentiful blessings. Don't use whom you doubt, don't doubt who you choose to use. Anchor It and Go Stable When the vessel is to be hooked into the seabed at the harbor, anchor is used; when the ship is wavering on troubled waters, anchor is dropped into the sea bottom for stability. Pale colored bows evoke a childlike innocence while red or black bows imply a little more sexiness without being brash. Feminine Butterfly Tattoo A colourful butterfly on the hip is a classic girls tattoo. Animal Paw Tattoos Animal paw tattoos are also gaining great popularity among tattoo enthusiasts, whether inked single or in two, three versions. Come on, let it remain a secret! A tiny cherry blossom tattoo is also so pretty and magnetizing, usually tattooed on a wrist, on a finger or so much more attractively on a back, especially with a couple of petals falling down. A pretty flower is girly and cute. We love this colourful and delicate design, and a chest tattoo always makes a statement. Sustain Yourself Constantly eating itself. It is well known that the blooming period of these pink flowers is very short; they may cease to exist any time possible, much like it happens with a human life. Each year is associated with a zodiac animal. A small lotus tattoo on feminine skin may imply winning out all life miseries and perils thus resurrecting as a new, pure creature.

Short phrases about life for tattoos

A great man knows when to yield and when not. So, anchor selection as a permanent body decorator is a reference to stability and security in every aspect of life. All that without ever graduating from highschool or taking a Latin class. A cool map design is timeless and will always remind you of that special place, or that special someone. The butterfly is girly and simple, and the cross and chain adds a toughness and power. In general a hummingbird is a symbol of joy and love but its symbolism goes even further. I'm not sure of both though. Acquiring the coordinates of the places so precious to you and inking them forever on your body might really make your days and nights. It is a totally unique design and the thin lines bring a fantastic femininity to the piece. After ther first solo art exhibition , in Hong Kong City Hall, Ngan Siu-Mui has been acclaimed as an artist conversant with Chinese calligraphy, painting, Chinese stamp seal carving and poem. So, a key tattoo on someone may hold the meaning of so many opportunities in life — a lot of doors to be locked and a lot of doors to be unlocked. It carries an ample symbolism: Each email contains an unsubscribe link. Angels are creatures sent from the heaven to protect and safeguard us from any kind of perils; that is why many women opt for small angel wings to be tattooed on their nape or back to feel the presence of a Guardian angel all the time, while for some angel wings may become constant reminders of someone special who has passed away. S is guaranteed to be followed by a pot of luck. Women who have lost a spouse may also choose to get a permanent ring tattoo to commemorate the person they loved and lost. We love a cool ankle tattoo like these ones. This cool design is very unusual, geometric shapes are really trendy right now. This pretty flower design is elegant and chic, the bold colour choice will make it really stand out too. But the meaning of rose tattoos goes far beyond being just a beauty and love symbol. Obviously we are speaking about the lotus, that all-powerful and stunning flower that grows out of mud, in murky waters, blooming on the surface of water into a delicate flower, pure, clean and without any stain of mud. Celestial Celestial tattoos like small suns, moons and stars are classic tattoos for girls that look great throughout the years. Pitter-Patter Heart Tattoos Hearts have always been used as a symbol of love and passion, adoration and devotion whether in painting, poetry or body art. Two crossed arrows represent friendship and are often tattooed in pair between two faithful friends, but if they are tattooed in reverse directions, they become the symbol of war. All in all, a tree tattoo is a symbol of strength, survival, stability and helpfulness. We love the shading and detail that has gone into this back bow tattoo, really girly and cute! This is a symbol of heroism and social status.

Short phrases about life for tattoos

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  1. Alternatively, you could take a look at the Arabic Tattoos ebook. The unique traits of this bird could not but serve as a high-wattage momentum for many women to tattoo it on their bodies.

  2. The reason is usually that the language is considered to be exotic and the script mysterious.

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