How to cut my own curly hair

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Preparation Start with basic preparation, take a mental survey of the instruments you have and the ones that you might require. This varies from person to person, as well as on different parts of head — run your hand through your hair and find the direction in which you feel the most counterforce. To those of you still worried about trying it I suggest starting off with a longer style. I finally got the curls I desired. I would have paid alot of money for my daughters hair to look the way it does. Hair ties or clips for sectioning off the hair. If you can, get someone to do it for you or at least fix it. Put the hair from one side in a ponytail holder. If you have shorter hair than I started out with then just do a modified version with clips instead of the using the pigtail method that I did. Part your hair in the middle and bring both sides forward. Cutting my hair was looming on the horizon and it was time for me to take some action. You can use a comb for guidance. Repeat with a smaller beam of hair, continuing towards front. Now, the ends of my hair feel silky again and not ragged and scraggly like before. What you do is simply follow and clean out the natural hairline, modifying it where you want. Do the other side. I cut my hair today and love it!

How to cut my own curly hair

I was a little conservative my dry do barely brushes the tops of my shoulders now but the curls lie in nicely stacked layers and very flattering face framing waves and curls. Well, I finally got up the guts to do it yesterday! I tried putting gel on. Set the dryer on the lowest possible setting and at least 6 inches away from the hair. Blend the edges with a size between side size and top size. Put the hair from one side in a ponytail holder. If you cut at the angle rather than straight across the hair will look better as it grows out. You can alternatively just use clippers and optionally a shaving razor. Then I immediately started planning our wedding. Pull the sections over your shoulders, and put hair ties right above the length you want your hair to be. Which felt like I was adjusting to everything. I just clipped a little bit at a time and kept checking it out to see how it was looking as I went. This part is easy — just randomly snip a few times into your mane. Do the other side. Sheryl for sharing this vital info! February 8, at 6: Something about a sharp part really takes a hairstyle to the next level. Granted it was cute and all but I eventually got tired of it. The hard part is styling the back. With just one cut, it is the cutest it has ever been! When I tried swooping the hair over it looked like I was hiding a huge bald spot. Refer to our diagrams to see which guard size you need and then just drag through hair like with other parts of your head. Use your fingers to create a straight line and then clip the hair under your fingers again with the So cute that I feel it is necessary to post a comment, saying thank you to all who tried before and posted video and pics and thank you Ms. Thanks to Aaron for taking the photographs! Now, the ends of my hair feel silky again and not ragged and scraggly like before.

How to cut my own curly hair

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  1. Use a razor and pair of scissors to cut wet hair. This in itself creates a nice layered style but I like the back shorter than this achieves so I then part my hair down the middle all the way to the base of my hairline and pull the back around the sides and in front of my shoulders.

  2. I have seen so many beautiful, long, choppy bobs on Pinterest lately so those were my inspiration. This part is easy — just randomly snip a few times into your mane.

  3. I almost never showed that side of my hair to the point where many forgot it was still a thing. I cut my hair today and love it!

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